The Maryland Chapter Proudly Presents the
Fraud Fighter of the Year Award Winners

This award is dedicated to the memory of Chris Hohenstein who was a founding member of the Maryland Chapter. Chris was taken from us prematurely on August 24, 1998. This award has been established in memory of his many contributions to the Maryland Chapter ACFE, and to the furtherance of our goals while he served as a Maryland State Trooper and SIU Investigator. Foremost, we remember Chris as our comrade and dear friend. The Officers and Board of Directors of the Maryland Chapter have voted to present this award annually to recognize those who have made significant contributions to the prevention, detection and/or prosecution of fraud in the State of Maryland. Maryland Chapter CFEs, Associates and Affiliates were encouraged to submit nominations for this award.

Maryland Fraud Fighter Award Recipients

Year      Awardee
2004         Isabel Mercedes Cumming
2005         Maryland Office of Legislative Audits
2006         R. Frank Abel
2007         J. Joseph Curran, Jr.
2008         Jayne Miller
2009         Rod J. Rosenstein
2010         Robert A. Rohrbaugh
2011         Thomas Russel and the DHMH-OIG
2012         Richard West & Tom Drake
2013         Metropolitan Washington Major Medical Fraud Task Force
2014         Maryland CASH Campaign
2015           Maryland State Medicaid Fraud Control Uni

2016         James Cabezas – Investigator with the Maryland State Prosecutor’s Office

2017        MD. Insurance Fraud Div.; Stephen Wright, CFE; Al Redmer, Jr., Commissioner

2018        Robert Hauf, Consultant, formerly with the Maryland Board of Nursing

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